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28 July 2003 @ 11:22 pm
Work work work...  
I am proud to say I enjoy working almost as much as I enjoy replacing ten-year-old auto-nautical thermal sealers. I had always thought I was a workaholic who seemed to not mind at all, but I must have been planning to become masochistic with that idea. Then again, this is my first time building a grappler ship before...

Thankfully, I have Ian's much needed assistance, along with Gilliam working on anything he can. Once in a while, I can manage to drag Aniki into the basement but that's usually at two pm on a rainy Sunday afternoon after he's gotten over his Saturday night hangover.

Papaya seems to be upset about me working so much, but it has to be done, you know? I hope she isn't too disappointed. I'll be just as happy when this is over with as she will. I mean, I haven't fooled around with her in a couple weeks...

... Not that... that is an issue. No. Of course not. Really.
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Mysteremegaplayboy on July 29th, 2003 03:37 am (UTC)
Too Much Work...
And not enough play can make you go insane.

Not too mention ruin your marriage.

I know you have to work, I'm not stopping you, but Papaya paid Kaylee and I a visit earlier and she was really upset man. I mean really. I have never seen her as upset as she was. She thinks you're going to leave her.

We told her that you were probably just busy working, but they only seemed to make her even more sad.

You can't ignore your wife for weeks on end Jim...if you're more dedicated to that then you shouldn't have gotten married.

I'm your friend so I just wanted you to know the truth. If you keep it up, she won't be in the room at night waiting for you.

your local space mechanicspacecowjim on July 29th, 2003 09:01 pm (UTC)
You have to understand...
Look, I know how you all feel. I understand it from your perspective but I don't think you all are being considerate. This isn't fixing the elevator or making a robot... This is life and death, man. I'm the only one here with the knowledge to build the ship we will need to fight those guys.

This isn't even my planet, so I shouldn't really care less if it gets blown up or not. But I'm working hard to try and save it, and I just think you all should be more understanding about that. If Papaya wants to be selfish and leave me because I'm trying to save everyone's asses, then maybe she doesn't love me as much as she should.

This is for you, for your family, for your children's family and for everyone else here, and all I'm asking for is a few weeks...
Adriaadriamaxwell on July 30th, 2003 12:48 am (UTC)
We Understand
We do understand Jim, I really appreciate what you are doing for all of us. But I do believe my son is right..

You cannot spend your entire life living as if someone will always be there forever, especially during times of war. We could die at any given moment, anyone of us...

I am not telling you to stop working on the ship, by all means...work on it...but..spending one day out of the week with your wife won't hurt..

She loves you a lot and she only wants to be with you...put yourself in her shoes. What if she was the incredibly intelligent one and she went off and worked all the time while you were left alone all day? How would you feel..

She shouldn't have to love you at all, but she does...and that's the most important thing in your life.