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21 July 2003 @ 09:03 pm
Supposedly, on the fourteenth of the second month...  
... there is a holiday of great importance. I remember rumors about it existing a long time ago, but the holiday seems to have lost its place in the culture of my time. Papaya was telling me about it, for some reason she was blushing as well. It is called Valentine's day, for what reason neither of us know. It is a day where men give girls presents and tell them how much they love them. Sounds like a bunch of crock to me... but I love Papaya a lot, so I wouldn't mind it at all. She deserves much more than I could ever give her, but I will try my best.

Maybe it will help her feel better for all the pain I caused on our honeymoon. I doubt it, but I can hope...
Current Mood: sadsad