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your local space mechanic
16 July 2005 @ 01:03 am
Its been a while! Arlen really is a handful, I can't find much time to update this livejournal. I will try my hardest to keep it up, though!

Papaya and I are doing fine, Arlen is a really nice boy. It isn't that I was disappointed with how Jeremiah turned out, but I feel like I can do things with Arlen that I might've missed out on before. I don't work nearly as often as I used to, especially since we're not at war. Papaya is happy with that and when she's happy, I'm happy.

Echo and Caesar seem to be handling Chloe alright... she's a big bundle of energy, but she isn't obnoxious. Destructive, maybe. She's even speaking. Not clearly, but its still cute! ^_^()

Hey, they had a concert with KLP, Lost Kauze, and some others! I think I always take Papaya for granted once I see her on stage... She really is an amazing woman. And to see the others perform as well. Wow! I just feel so mediocre in comparison...

I'm a little worried, actually. I talked to Aniki a month ago but now... he's gone. Melfina is gone, too, and I have a bad feeling that they found someway to go back home. They didn't like it here? Could they have at least said goodbye? Did I do something to lose their friendship? I mean, I complained a lot to Aniki and I did call him a scumbag a lot... but how could Mel let him just leave like that? ...It makes me feel really depressed.

I think not being out in space makes me depressed, too. That's what my life used to be, visiting it once in a while would be great but its pretty much off-limits. The Sanctum is gone and all that's left is the small first-prototype space pod that Mustadio, Ian, and I built. I just need to adjust. Its been a while, yeah... but it'll take a long time for me to get over this. It would be better if Aniki and Mel were here.
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your local space mechanic
19 November 2004 @ 09:13 pm
Wow, I've been spending so much time with Papaya and Arlen that I haven't had time to write. ^_^() Our son is great, he has the cutest way of talking... I wonder if he'll grow out of it? Either way, I'm sure he'll be fine. He's going to grow up to be a strong, smart, witty and good-looking young man that all the girls are going to go crazy over. ....I guess he'll be a brunette Mystere then. ::animedrop::

I've been visiting Echo and Caesar every couple of days to see how Chloe is doing. She seems normal enough and it looks like she'll have redhair, of course. She is still young and she should learn how to talk soon enough. Since she's learned how to walk, they said she's been a handful. ^_^() It feels so weird to be a grandfather...

I think things in the mansion have calmed down. I don't have much else to focus on except school. That leaves me plenty of time for my family. ^____^
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your local space mechanic
01 June 2004 @ 11:06 pm
Everyone is happy because the zombies are gone, whether or not they were close or far. It looks like peace time for a while.

I'm glad, I want Arlen to grow up in a calm enviroment as possible. I hope Echo isn't getting jealous. She seems to be acting strangely whenever I'm with Arlen. I'm trying to split my attention but Echo's also an adult now...

Chichiri still has no clue how Echo managed to get pregnant but some people are suggesting miracles and magic... which I seriously doubt. It makes no scientific sense, I am sure Chichiri just misevaluated her before about being unable to have children. It makes more sense that way. (Which is exactly why Papaya disagrees with me)

That magic tournament thing is going to be cool. I can't wait to watch it. I'm not going to enter, of course, since I have no magic powers. But I wish everyone luck.
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your local space mechanic
21 April 2004 @ 11:01 pm
I've noticed the mansion goes through "seasons." Of course, there is spring, summer, autumn, winter. But there are also periods when everyone is pregnant, everyone is falling in love, everyone is arguing and now, its the time when everyone gets married. I'm almost completely positive the sakura trees have something to do with it all. I'm just not sure how.

Either way, it is officially happy times (because its still summer break and everyone is having a wedding) and we should take advantage of it. But the Hawklings are off on another mission soon! (Like the name? I think its nice. Nobody else has agreed on it, though. -.-) We will get rid of the zombies once and for all.

^_^ Happy luck to Christian and Tacienta!
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your local space mechanic
14 March 2004 @ 07:43 pm
Papaya had Arlen... he's such a wonderful boy. I'm glad we decided to have another child after all. I hope he grows up to become something really special in someone's life, like Papaya is in mine...

Zombies invaded our town last week but Kaylee and her group of Fearless Mercenaries! (read: brownie points) took care of them. All that is left is Midgar. So things have calmed down a little for now.

Not much else to report. I have to get back now, I think the baby is hungry. x.x;
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your local space mechanic
23 January 2004 @ 10:24 pm
This is happy times again... Papaya's having another son! I'm glad I agreed to this... I think this is what we (read: I) needed. I want to show him all my stuff like I did with Echo. I guess I want him to be what Jeremiah wasn't...

I love him dearly, so don't think I'm being mean... But you know every father has certain expectations they hope to fulfill with their sons ( right?) and he was more into his mother... It's alright. I can't keep dwelling on how my children turned out. I'm proud... they are responsible (for the most part) and caring children. Jeremiah is happy with Glenn and Echo found that Caesar kid (who I'm not too sure about... >.> <.<) ...

With all this confusion/stress/happiness/pain I haven't been keeping up with my classes. I thought I was failing Mrs. Sinclair's class.. x.x... But then the next grade update, I had the highest score. o.o.... I can't complain...

Except she gave me a detention for coughing yesterday. That's not very nice. x.X

Pregnant women are difficult impossible. Just a fact of life, I guess.
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your local space mechanic
27 December 2003 @ 08:54 pm
The war is over. I think everyone has one word in mind: Yay.

^_^; Things are very good now. We have school which is... never going to be the best thing in the world, but does allow for much needed knowledge and socializing. Poor Echo has been having trouble with her and Albert and Caesar.. but things seem to be worked out now..

My son, Jeremiah, however... I have come to find out, is gay...

I do not know how to deal with this... it goes against everything I believe. But... I don't want him and Papaya being sad. I can accept it, if it will make them happy...

But if I find him kissing Glenn, I think I might die. !.!

Papaya has talked about having another child. ... Hm. I'm not sure... but I think I don't find the idea that bad. We'll have to discuss it more...
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your local space mechanic
23 September 2003 @ 09:20 pm
I feel so horrible. Its been over two months since the Fall of Sanctum and I still can't help but to feel totally responsible. I shouldn't have survived... I should have went down with the ship as well! Maybe if I had been there... then maybe...

No, I can't be so arrogant as to think my intervention would prevent such a death.

But still. It had been just minutes before the attack... I was talking with her... and to think I made her work hard on building the Sanctum only for both of them to fall! She spent the last of her times sacrificing herself for me and everyone else. I can't help but to blame myself.

I know if Papaya would have died, I would blame someone. Stars, she had children too... How are Albert and Caesar taking this? Rufus and them probably hate me. I did kill Ian, after all.

Dammit... DAMMIT!

Others are blaming Rik for this too.. now I'm making her suffer for my mistakes! I need to get out of here before I cause anymore pain. I need to escape now... Or I might end up killing Echo and Jeremiah...

*sigh* Aniki blames himself as well. He didn't cause this. I did...

I just keep killing important people, don't I...
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your local space mechanic
28 July 2003 @ 11:22 pm
I am proud to say I enjoy working almost as much as I enjoy replacing ten-year-old auto-nautical thermal sealers. I had always thought I was a workaholic who seemed to not mind at all, but I must have been planning to become masochistic with that idea. Then again, this is my first time building a grappler ship before...

Thankfully, I have Ian's much needed assistance, along with Gilliam working on anything he can. Once in a while, I can manage to drag Aniki into the basement but that's usually at two pm on a rainy Sunday afternoon after he's gotten over his Saturday night hangover.

Papaya seems to be upset about me working so much, but it has to be done, you know? I hope she isn't too disappointed. I'll be just as happy when this is over with as she will. I mean, I haven't fooled around with her in a couple weeks...

... Not that... that is an issue. No. Of course not. Really.
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your local space mechanic
... there is a holiday of great importance. I remember rumors about it existing a long time ago, but the holiday seems to have lost its place in the culture of my time. Papaya was telling me about it, for some reason she was blushing as well. It is called Valentine's day, for what reason neither of us know. It is a day where men give girls presents and tell them how much they love them. Sounds like a bunch of crock to me... but I love Papaya a lot, so I wouldn't mind it at all. She deserves much more than I could ever give her, but I will try my best.

Maybe it will help her feel better for all the pain I caused on our honeymoon. I doubt it, but I can hope...
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